Innovatively launch the entire computer architecture study course

The university’s total study course includes instructional products and university’s active hand exercises, which are based on the entire Western Electronic SwerRV main site

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RISC-V is redesigning processor design and software/hardware co-design. Professor David Patterson, who shared ACM AM, said that RISC-V is definitely an open architecture that allows open source components to be implemented. John Hennessy won the Turing Award for his contribution to RISC. Improvements can be made at the same time as component improvements to speed up the appearance.

Complete a computer course hong kong at Sara Beattie College . Technology is the future, embrace it with our updated and competitive skills from application to programming.

RVfpga training courses not only enhance the understanding of the RISC-V processor, but also enhance the understanding of the RISC-V ecosystem and RISC-V SoC. The system has a deep understanding of the architecture of industrial-strength processors and the process of accelerating recognition, and will prove its practicality throughout the education and field work of students. ”

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This learning course is co-produced with the course partner Professor Sarah Harris, who is the co-author of the textbook “Digital Design and Computer System Architecture”, which is published in five languages and is a basic course of PC architecture. Professor Daniel Chafer. It consists of a lecturer’s guide, student manual, 10 comprehensive laboratories (hands-on experiments), test supplies, sample test questions, and all related IP and software programs. In order to be able to be used as a whole or in components, source files of all materials are provided. This flexible and open approach allows academic institutions to teach fully functional training courses that can be expanded or adjusted according to the requirements of each teacher.

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Innovatively launch a comprehensive RISC-V computer architecture course

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