Take advantage of the holiday, make attractive handmade cookies! The taste is similar to cookie hong kong!

The charm of cookie hong kong
lies in its crisp taste and rich flavor. Although it is a bit high in calories, the taste is irresistible!

I believe that many friends who love baking must have made biscuits. The biscuits are simple and easy to master, and there are many types of biscuits!

It’s better to call it a holiday, do more research, not only as a delicious afternoon tea, but also as a gift to friends and relatives!

Pistachio Rose Cookies

The delicious rose pistachio cookies are made on New Year’s Eve.

Chenpi is a traditional Chinese medicine, which has the functions of invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi, reducing nausea and vomiting, regulating appetite, and removing dampness and phlegm. It is also a common ingredient in Chinese cooking. Just peel a small piece of tangerine peel on the plate to cook, you can add another layer of flavor! But the original biscuits baked with tangerine peel can make the biscuits mix with the taste of tangerine peel to create a unique taste. Let us all try it!

Loose Heart Cookies

I just bought an oven at that time and baked it for the first time. The material is simple and the method is easy. The taste is comparable to cookie hong kong, and the unique fragrance and looseness made me fall in love with the butter in the golden jar.

Peanut Butter Cookies [4 ingredients]

Very simple biscuits, full of peanut flavor, only need 4 kinds of ingredients, just a few steps, super delicious! For afternoon tea or snacks, adults and children like it!

Hugging “Ken” Honey Bear Cubs

Since I made this cookie, it has become a specific event at my friend’s wedding. I saw my friends and family standing in candy like a person, how much they adore this bear.

Three-color Pumpkin Cookies

If you want to eat a big brand of butter biscuits anytime, anywhere, you can make them at home instead of queuing to buy them.

Golden Can Butter Cookies can be matched with different cultural flavors. This time I use chocolate, green tea and original butter.

Banana Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Banana and chocolate are good friends. Try to bake a new flavor of “Banana Chocolate Oatmeal Biscuit”. The house is full of biscuit flavors. I am very happy!

[Milk Tea Cranberry Cookies]

Lipton Tsing Yi Instant Milk Tea is convenient and smooth, but it was originally used to make biscuits. It has a unique flavor. With the addition of rich vitamin C and anthocyanin red berries, biscuits become a healthy snack. Come try it!

Easy jam cookies (no egg)

This is an easy way to make biscuits. Suitable for making small biscuits. There are no two ways of using eggs, so two people who are sensitive to eggs can eat it~

【Matcha Sesame Cookies】

Biscuits are actually delicious and easy to make, but they all take time. A biscuit, made back to the office building, a colleague ate it delicious. In fact, there are only sesame seeds at home, so you can add sesame seeds at will. I don’t know that matcha is not sandwiched between sesame seeds, but the effect is not wrong.

[Sesame Almond Cookies]

Freshly ground sesame powder can be used to make biscuits and sesame seeds. The baked biscuits have a strong sesame flavor. Let’s try it!

Condensed Milk Cookies [Novice Undefeated]

Biscuits made of condensed milk are relatively light and not too sweet. The materials and methods are also super simple, and novices can easily do it~ afternoon tea, snacks, simple and delicious~

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