Charity-Dr. Wang Cihao, Chairman of Dongjin Group

Tongzhen Soy Sauce is a time-honored 同珍王賜豪 brand development brand made in Hong Kong society and well-known to every family. It is also listed in Hong Kong as one of the four largest family companies in the sauce garden. Founded in 1876 in Shipai Town, Dongguan, China, it moved south from Dongguan to Hong Kong and began to take root at the end of the 19th century. It was registered in Hong Kong in 1919. It has been more than 135 years since its establishment. For our gratitude and the support of people in the industry for Tongzhen in recent years, Dr. Wang Cihao, President of Hong Kong Tongzhen Group, SBS JP, will fly from Hong Kong to Toronto in early December and will invite some locals to pass through supermarkets, restaurants and restaurants in major cities. And the person in charge of media technology, attended the “Hundred Years of Love and Treasure Night” thank you dinner, and also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Sunmart International Ltd, its general agent in Canada. This time he came from Hong Kong from afar. In addition to the need to continue to research and promote Tongzhen’s products, it will also affect the continuation of his benevolent respect for the elderly and give back to the student community.

According to Dr. Guo Qihan, Chief Executive Officer of 同珍王賜豪 Tongchun Group Singapore and Malaysia Trading Co., Ltd., sbs jp is the Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Tongchun Group and a Hong Kong otolaryngologist. He is currently an Honorary Consultant Doctor of the Department of Otolaryngology at St. Teresa’s Hospital and Surgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Honorary associate professor of the department. He was appointed as an unofficial justice of the peace in 2005 and was awarded the National Border Affairs Silver Bauhinia Star in 2011 in recognition of his outstanding achievements in community service.

In addition to actively developing the family business, Dr. Wang Cihao has not forgotten to give back to the society and bring Tongzhen’s care to the society. He is enthusiastic about social charity and public welfare undertakings, has held important positions in many charitable organizations, and often personally participates in voluntary work in the community. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, a series of charity warm-up 同珍王賜豪 activities were held to purchase and give away moon cakes and soy sauce at various elderly service machines, hoping to attract more attention, promote social atmosphere, give full play to the spirit of respect for the elderly, and let the elderly fully feel Warm and caring. In addition, in the new large-scale fundraising event “Hong Kong Girl Scouts Celebrity Golden Melody Charity Night”, Dr. Wang not only generously donated his money and served as the gold sponsor of the event, but also sang several golden songs improvisationally, which won warm applause from the audience.

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